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Everytime the Doctor gets pally with someone I have the overwhelming urge to notify their next of kin.
-Rory, Doctor Who Season 6


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My body is ready by l3monbunny

Linshon sat at the bar in his kitchen, savoring the aged bottle of scotch on the marble counter top next to his hand. It had been a very long day over in Durem, helping with the current outbreak of colored elephants running rampant. He'd really have to talk to VVednesdays about that. Fruit wouldn't be home for awhile, not when there were trolls to roast in the CB, or people in need of her pastel love. It brought a smile to his face.


"Oh that forlorn look!" Came a deep gasp from the window, sarcasm dripping on every word. "Must be missing me."


The blond took a measured breath and a deep sip from his glass, not even bothering to look over his shoulder. Maybe if he ignored the dark skinned man he would simply disappear. But apparently that was out of the range of hope Linshon was alloted in this lifetime, because he could hear the mans footsteps groing closer.


"Jehtt." He replied tersly. His ass still ached from the last visit he received from the rabbit.


"Did you miss me?" Jehtt grinned, appearing beside him and propping his head up on his hand. Those strong expert hands. The thought made Linshon shiver. And certain parts harden.


"No." The blond replied emphatically, raising his glass to take another sip. More alcohol. That's what he needed. And then he proceeded to choke as a strong warm hand cupped his cock, stroking teasingly.


"Your pretty little lips say one thing." The rabbit hummed, lips trailing along the slowly reddening skin at Linshon's throat. "But this says something completely different." His hand flexed, palm brushing against the distinct hardness with just enough force to make it throb.


Linshon's cheeks reddened. But he wouldn't give in so easily.


"I have no doubt you speak dick, quite fluently." The demon replied. "But that part of my body is not governed by my brain. Thus it is of no consequence to this matter." Linshon circled his fingers around the rabbit's wrist and removed it from his straining netherregion.


Jehtt clicked his tongue and leaned forward against the blonds back. "That is precisely why I'm listening to it." He purred, tongue darting out to slowly trail along the black heart tattoo on Linshon's cheek.


There was a flutter of wings and Jehtt stumbled back. The next thing he knew he was pinned to the floor, Linshon straddling his hips and smirking down at him. The rabbit struggled to sit up, realizing his hands were bound above him. Light brows furrowed. He could see both of the blonds hands so what in the hell was he -yellow eyes widened in surprise as he looked at his bound hands. And Linshon's tail wrapped tightly around them, pointed spade brushing against his knuckles.


"Lost for words?" Linshon taunted, leaning over the man, the great seducer, hands flat against his chest. Red eyes lit with mishief before he moved his hands and tore open the front of the rabbit's shirt, fingers roaming the taught ridges beneath. The clicking of buttons rolling across the wood floor dancing in both their ears.


"Not at all." Jehtt replied with that same cocky smirk. "Savoring a moment of surprise is all. Doesn't happen often." His brows rose in amusement.


Linshon was pushed passed his limit of tolerance. The rabbit was just so damn smug! Well, he would give him something to be smug about! The demon leaned forward, capturing Jeht's lips in a rough but passionate kiss.


"So eager to turn the tables my pet?" Jehtt purred against those kiss swollen lips before biting Linshon's bottom lip, hard, and sucking it into his mouth.


Red eyes fluttered shut, a deep moan escaping his throat as he enjoyed the attention. But it only took him a moment to snap out of it and pull his mouth away, a small trail of blood dripping down his chin from Jehtt's teeth.


"Absolutely." Linshon's smirk turned wicked and he shifted so one hand as pressing against the dark chest beneath him and the other was unzipping the rabbit's pants.


Immediately Jehtt's cock sprung forth, long and hard as if it were a jack and the box and Linshon had finally turned it's handle enough. Jehtt shot Linshon a saucy look, waggling his eyebrows, obviously telling the man "My body is ready". In which the blonde rolled his red eyes and proceeded to remove the rabbit's pants completely, shoving his legs up so they were bent and spreading them so he could slide between the apendages.


"Do you really think you're man enough to top me?" Jehtt challenged in his deep voice, eyebrow cocked at the blond. At first he thougtht Linshon as just blowing steam; messing with him. But no, it seemed the demon was actually planning on going through with it. The glint in those crimson eyes comfirmed that the demon had accepted this challenge fully. "Well then, I hope you satisfy me or I'll be claiming that sweet ass of yours much harder than I did last time." Jehtt grinned wickedly.


Linshon's red eyes narrowed and he brought his hand up to his mouth, slipping two fingers into his mouth and sucking loudly, wetly, covering his digits in saliva; never breaking eye contact with the rabbit. Jehtt's tongue darted from his mouth to wet his lips. By the gods watching the blond soak his fingers with his own saliva was sexy as fuck, and he knew exactly what the demon was preparing to do with those fingers. But that didn't stop it from catching him off guard when the first finger probed his ass gently before pushing passed the tight ring of muscles and into the his hole.

A shudder ran through the rabbit as a second finger pressed passed the ring of muscles to join the first. Gently Linshon fucked him with those long fingers, pushing in slow and stretching. He must have been paying a lot of attention evertime Jehtt had done the same to him.

Yellow eyes snapped opened as two fingers trailed along his lips, pushing agaisnt the soft skin. Jehtt opened without hesitation, sucking on the digits hard, tongue twisting around the salty flesh, preparing the lubrication Linshon would need as he slipped the fingers stretching Jehtt from his ass. There was another sound of a zipper before the rabbit was graced with the sight of the demon lubricating his long hard cock with Jehtt's saliva. He smirked up at the blond, waggling those alabaster eyebrows once more.


"Could have down that a more interesting way." Jehtt suggested lewdly as the head of that lathered cock was pressed against his ass.


"Like you would have stopped at lubricating, and then I couldn't do this." One thrust and Linshon sunk all the way into that tight, hot canal. It left him panting and just a bit surprised.


"Oh don't concern yourself, I have excelent muscle control." The rabbit grinned, clenching his muscles tightly around the demons cock, pulling another strangled moan from him.


Linshon bent forward, claiming the dark lips belonging to the infuriating man beneath him with a growl. He wasn't going to turn the tables on him. Not this time. The blond pulled back until he very nearly came out completely before shoving his hips forward until his loins slapped loudly against Jehtt's dark ass. He repeated this motion over and over, twirling his hips every so often to throw the rabbit off.

Linshon's hand wrapped firmly around that long cock he was so familiar with, pumping in time to his thrusts. Jehtt shuttered, letting out a sharp gasp as Linshon slammed into his prostate.


"Oh, there it is." A grin twisted the heart tattoo on the demons cheek and he focused on that one spot and sped up his pace. Over and over and over. Jehtt was shuddering around him, failing to keep under control as wave after wave of pleasure assaulted him until he broke.


The rabbit's back came off the floor with a deep moan, thick semen coating Linshon's fist as he continued to pump before slamming hard and holding himself inside Jehtt as his own release filled the ivory haired man. The blonde slumped forward onto the rabbit's chest, not caring about the mess that was slowly drying against both of them. He twitched his hips back just enough to slide out before flopping onto the floor beside Jehtt, who was lauging softly.


"Good show." He grinned, yellow eyes flashing brightly. "No wonder Fruit puts up with these dalliences."


Linshon rolled his eyes again, shoving his pants completely off and stripping from his shirt before yanking Jehtt to his feet. If only the rabbit knew exactly what Fruit thought of these "dalliences".  "Come." he said simply, heading toward the bathroom.


"But I already have, and it was quite pleasant." The rabbit chuckled, his laughter increasing as he watched the blond shake his head.


Linshon led him to a large walk in shower, the head in the center of the stall to accomedate both his and Fruits wings when they showered. They were both covered in sweat and semen. A shower as definitely in order. But they didn't make it two minutes before Jehtt had the winged demon pinned to the wall, reminding him just who the seme was in this relationship. And that's when they heard it, the snap of a camera.

Yellow eyes widened in surprise to see the lovely little Fruit standing with the shower door opened and a camera trained on the two. A wicked grin across her lovely red lips.
My Body Is Ready
Whelp. I finally finished it. My first (and possibly last if the creators murder me) JehttXLinshon one shot. Though personally I refer to the two as Silver Flames (because Jehtt has a flame tipped tail and another name I call Linshon is "Silver tongued demon"). But that's just me.
Anyways, this was inspired by a piece of art the lovely :icontabanei: did of Linshon finally topping Jehtt and ah, it was beautiful. So I started this. And :icontabanei: even drew a cover for this fic (hopefully I can figure out how to set that up because it's GORGEOUS!)
Now, I want to remind everyone that these amazing characters ARE NOT mine. Jehtt belongs to the amazing :iconlaydedeadpool: and I sadly don't know Linshon's DA. But he's not mine either.

So, enjoy, I hope you like it.
I shall now go into hiding incase Layde or Linshon come after me with big sticks *runs away leaving a trail of bubblegum colored pandas*
Tabanei VVednesdays LayDeDeadpool
BG Berry by l3monbunny
BG Berry
Another wonderful surprise from the amazing :icontabanei:.
This one is of one of my Bubblegum girls Berry. As you can see, :iconvvednesdays: is there too.
BIG thank you to her for giving me her doll!! She and :iconlaydedeadpool: are trying to kill me with kindness!!
Tabanei LayDeDeadpool VVednesdays
Sexy Theif by l3monbunny
Sexy Theif
I was surprised with this by :icontabanei:. I can never repay him for his kindness, he is amazing.
Thank you so much!!
Setsuko Gift by l3monbunny
Setsuko Gift
This was a surprise art bump on gaia from the amazing and super talented :iconc3ntric:. She drew my OC Setsuko. Thank you so much sweetie!!
Sooooo, I'm sorry I haven't been back in forever! 
I do have some new art, not so great and mostly gaia commisions.

Not much has happened since I've been on except I lost my pen to my tablet and have to replace it *pouts* 
Do any pens work with any tablet? Cause the one that's actually *for* my tablet is like $50 to replace and I'd rather just stop drawing lol.

Oh yeah! I'm preggers!! So excited!!! That's really all there is. Again, sorry for my lake of contribution > <
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